Tour the Course

Get an insight at what is ahead of you on our course.
Come and join us as we take you on a hole by hole by hole tour of our relaxing picturesque alpine course.

1st hole Par 4. Get your round underway with a straight drive down the middle of the fairway to towards the mountain to give yourself a straight forward 2nd shot onto the green.

Out of bounds left and trees right of the fairway which can block your 2nd into the green.

2nd hole is a long Par 5 running along the north edge of the course.
even the long hitters need a big straight drive and long 2nd to give you a chance of landing the large flat green for your 3rd as trees guard both sides of the fairway all the way to the green.
You will be distracted by the great views of the mountain and countryside left when walking down the fairway.

Short par 3 3rd.
Land the green to be safe as sand bunkers left of green mounds and rough right.
As you target the green note the Macrocarpas on the right can ‘swallow’ golf balls.
Stream running left of the hole.

Par 4 4th runs along the tree lined east parameter of the course.
Straight drive down the left side of the fairway gives you a short iron into the green.
Take enough iron to land the green or you could find yourself in the gully in front of the green.
As you target the green note another lurking Douglas Fir on the left can impede your 2nd shot.

Trees and more more Lawson trees greet you on the elevated par 4 5th tee.
Be warned don’t bite off more than you should on this dogleg left hole.
Land the middle of the fairway and give yourself an easy iron into the slightly elevated green.
Thick trees and out of bounds loom left all the way to the green. Plus more trees if you go too far right.
Also more trees and trouble awaits if you over hit the green.

The 6th is long dogleg left par 4 for men and par 5 for women.
The Lawsons are gone on but unfortunately are replaced by Beech trees left of the fairway.
Aim to hit to or through the bend right of the Beech so you can have a shot at the large elevated green with the your 2nd.
Stay left of the Douglas Fir it is all rough right.

Birdies are rare except for the big hitter take the par and move to the 7th.
The 7th is the easiest par 4 on the course and the mountain views return on your right.
A straight drive down the middle left side of the fairway will reward with an easy iron shot into the saucer green and a birdie chance .
Big hitters will target the green off the tee but trees right and left come into play for missed drives.
Watch out for the the Macrocarpa immediate left off the tee. It has stopped many drives over the years.

The 8th is 2nd Par 5 on the front 9 is another dog leg left around a stand of Macrocarpas (what else?).

Target your drive to the golden beech at the corner of the bend.

Draw around the Macrocarpas if you can to give yourself a iron 2nd shot into the narrow sloping green and possible birdie or eagle chance.

Anything left is blocked by the trees.

A challenging chip is awaits if you miss either side of the narrow green.

Short par 3 9th takes you back to the clubhouse.

Hit a short iron from the elevated tee onto a flat green over front bunkers.

Avoid landing in the mounds surrounding the green as they have spoilt many a par opportunity.

We start the back 9 with the par 4 10th heading away from the clubhouse.

A straight hole over a hazard on to an elevated green.

Big hitters leave the driver in the bag as the hazard is within reach just short of the green.

Another dogleg left ahead on the short par 4th 11.

A ‘graveyard hole that has buried many a good round.

Long iron or hybrid to the centre of the bend. For a short iron into an upward sloping green.

Watch out for new bunker on the left. Left right or long off the tee likely to result in a block shot to the green.

For a change a Douglas Fir or two guard the green on the right!

The 12th is the Men’s No 1 stroke hole.

A long par 4 with a slight dogleg left off the tee.

A good drive to a wide fairway will still need a long iron or hybrid into the big green.

Long hitters take aim left of the fairway to cut over the dogleg to get a mid iron into the green.

The mountain views return as you wander down the fairway.

The left doglegs continue on the short par 4 13th.

A 3 wood or hybrid down the right side of the fairway gives you a short iron look into the green.

Anything left will mean navigating the very large tree stand and hazard below to find the green.

par 3 14th the longest of our par 3s facing the beautiful Mt Ruapehu you  Tee off on a raised tee box to a green protected on the right side by an big old tree two teared green so to walk off with par on this hole is a great score

Par 4 15th is a straight drive from under the gums towards the mountain to an elevated green.

Make sure of your second shot club selection as the false front to the green can lead to a short 2nd. Right off the tee will find more trees and a blocked 2nd second shot.

Par 5 16th is 2nd longest hole on the course.

A good drive to get over the rise but there is still along way to the longest green the course.

The bank left of the green helps to keep the ball on the green.

Picturesque Short Par 3 17th. Tee off from an elevated tee into a sunk green with a bunker right. Get your distance right to land the green otherwise rough left or long awaits for the missed cued tee shot.

Take a minute to check out the views of the countryside as you wait for your tee shot but try not to put your tee shot there.

Dogleg left Par 5 18th to finish. A great finishing hole and birdie opportunity.

Long hitters can land the green in 2 if your drive reaches the rise at the dogleg.

There is water left to collect the snap hook and a push right will result in a block shot for you 2nd.